iPhone 8 Plus deals and pre-orders: here are the best prices in the US

The iPhone 8 Plus is now available to pre-order, but you shouldn't overpay or at least gets something for free if you're going to buy it for full price. Here are the best deals on day one.

The iPhone 8 Plus has been announced as a typical upgrade to last year's iPhone 7 Plus. Thankfully, that means it comes with a price in line with that upgrade. The iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799.

The iPhone 8 Plus might come at a higher price than the iPhone 7 Plus, but it also comes with a larger starting storage. It's the biggest phone in size, but at least it's cheaper than any of the iPhone X deals.

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  • $300 off a iPhone 8 Plus at Verizon with trade-in
  • 50% off an iPhone 8 Plus lease at Sprint
  • 32GB iPad for $99 with the AT&T iPhone purchase

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iPhone 8 Plus price: how much will deals cost?

With a starting price of $799 in the US, Apple delivers the 5.5-inch base model with a decent spec bump without giving it too much of a price bump.

The best news is that Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and other US carriers will offer iPhone 8 Plus deals at launch for new customers. 

They'll also break the price into monthly payments, so you'll likely be paying $33 a month for 24 months if you go with a carrier like Verizon.

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When can I buy the iPhone 8?

On top of the price, Apple announced the release dates for the iPhone 8 plus.

Today is Apple's official iPhone 8 launch event. iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders will start later this week, Friday, September 15. As usual, it's the Friday directly after an Apple press conference.

Keeping in line with past releases, the iPhone 8 Plus will then be available to purchase the following Friday, September 22.

Then, you can take your $799 and head down to a carrier to get your new iPhone 8 Plus.

TechRadar predicts the best iPhone 8 deal

While Apple gave us the price of the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus model, it didn't mention a price for the 256GB model during its launch event, but the price is now on Apple's website. To get the increase in storage size, there's a $150 increase, hitting a high $949.

You'll experience less sticker shock if you opt for the $33 a month over 24 months price, or about $26 a month for 30 months with AT&T for the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for those installment deals to show up.

If you have a phone to trade in, you might get an even better price. So far, T-Mobile is offering $300 off the iPhone 8 Plus with an eligible trade-in, and its throwing in free enrollment in the iPhone upgrade program. It will also sell the Apple Watch 3 with 3 months of free wireless service. Other carriers are also likely to offer trade-in deals soon. 

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