After Christmas sales 2017: the best deals list for December 27

Our official After Christmas sales list has been updated to reflect the must-have price drops that are still available to buy on Wednesday, December 27.

Stores in the US like Amazon, Walmart, Target and others are offering year-end deals to negate your returns and gobble up your newly unwrapped gift cards.

How can we help? Well, we've created a list of over 30 individual rollback prices and checked it twice. Most deals expire on December 31 or sooner. After that, it's back to the original MSRP after that.

We've also researched the best US stores where you can find the top After Christmas sales. That's what we'll begin with below on this newly updated page.

But first, who are After Christmas sales shoppers exactly? Three specific types of people come to mind. First, anyone who just got gift cards (that's a lot of people right now). Second, anyone who didn't get what they wanted on Christmas Day yesterday (hands up – that's a lot of you, too). And, third, anyone who is returning something today (again, that is a lot of people). 

Pro tip: gift cards often can't be returned to stores in most US states, and there's usually an expiration date stamped on the fine print. So better use them now with these After Christmas sales before it's too late or you forget about them completely.

Whether you're returning something you didn't want (and certainly didn't ask for) or spending your gift cards, here are the best year-end price drops, based on our research of stores in the US. It spans sales from Amazon and eBay to Target and Zappos.

Where are the best After Christmas sales?

The most frequent question we get is: where did I shop for After Christmas sales. The simple answer is online, but the more complex answer has forced us to research hundreds of retailers. We've boiled it down to the list below, naming the top ten of the most trusted stores in America, all with significant deals.

Here are links the best stores with After Christmas sales for 2017.

  • Amazon After Christmas sale
  • Walmart After Christmas sale
  • Newegg After Christmas sale
  • Macy's After Christmas sale
  • Kohl's After Christmas sale
  • Abt After Christmas sale
  • GameStop After Christmas sale
  • CDKeys After Christmas sale
  • B&H Photo Video After Christmas sale
  • Jet After Christmas sale

30 After Christmas sale highlights

There are more After Christmas sales coming through, now that Christmas Day is over and done with. We'll keep this page updated with more deals and our list fresh every chance we get.

Why After Christmas sales are so important

We like to highlight After Christmas sales in our news coverage because it's the last time you'll find savings in 2017. Many items will return to their original price in 2018. That's a problem if you procrastinate on buying that Amazon Echo for, example.

Yes, there many be price drops in 2018 here and there, but everything is on sale at once through these After Christmas Sales and Year-End Deals on Amazon, Walmart and so forth. There's a better shot you'll get what you want on December 27 and you will next month in January or February. Deals are rare in the New Year.

The other issues is, through our expertise, we know that CES 2018 is coming up and product refreshes will happen at the event (though many products won't launch until March at the earliest). You'll find many gadgets in stock today, but that same tech might be sold out after December. It's happened to us before.

Who should online shop for After Christmas sales

US stores with After Christmas sales are focusing on everyone returning gifts this week, as they're already online on their site or in stores. It's a great opportunity, and has continued into December 27.

You also have all of those consumers who just received gift cards and aren't quite sure what to spend them on (sadly, you usually can only spend them at one place). It's "money," often with an expiration date. That makes these After Christmas deals extra tempting today.

Finally, you can't always get what you want on Christmas, so it's nice to see a few price drops lingering around today, so you can pick up what you really want.

When do After Christmas sales begin and end?

After Christmas sales don't have a refined end date like other online shopping holidays. In fact the start date even had some wiggle room in 2017.

The deals started pouring in before Christmas Day two days ago, precisely when stores closed down for the holiday. This was to ensure items were discounted as soon as they opened back up the day after Christmas.

These sales will transition into year-end deals, but really, they're one in the same. But some after Christmas sales won't last forever.

Why buy today during After Christmas sales

This is an easy one. Retailers are trying to make increase their profits before the end of 2017, so they're discounting as much inventory for you as possible.

Stores in the US also might not have sold as much of certain products as they would have liked, so offloading what didn't sell well enough is easier to do when it's dressed up as an After Christmas sale with a flashy price drop sign.